The Occidental

New Zealand has always been one of the places that I love after my first visit over a decade ago to Wellington and Queenstown. So I took up the offer at first opportunity when my wife was on duty to Auckland (THAI) where we would have 3 days to spend. The journey took us to Auckland and nearby Davenport, as well as to Rotorua.

And while you’re in New Zealand, you must try its fresh seafood, especially the mussels that both locals and tourists love. Having been here before, my wife took me to The Occidental Bar & Restaurant in downtown Auckland, best known for its seafood and, of course, Belgian beer.

The Occidental was just a 5 minute walk from the hotel we were staying, and with the cool breeze of summer, it was really a nice walk in Auckland. When we arrived at The Occidental at around 5.30 pm, the place was already quite full and we need to wait quite a while before being seated in the middle of the restaurant. So we advise you to make your reservation or go there early.

First up was the Seafood Platter consisting of grilled mussels, calamari, and salmon nibbles among others. Squeeze the lemon on these, and no words needed. I wasn’t a big fan of mussels, until now! The mussels, the biggest that I’ve ever seen and ate, were grilled with cheese that when combine with the lemon taste “perfect”. In fact, the mussels were so good that we actually ordered an additional pot of steamed mussels, along with calamari and chips, and of course a pint of Hoegaarden for each of us.

We finished off with The Occidental Dessert Platter, with the mini chocolate mousse, waffles with dark chocolate sauce and apple strudel. All of us were so full that we agreed to take a little walk, enjoying the evening Auckland breeze, before heading back to our hotel.

For Reservations:

The Occidental
6-8 Vulcan lane, Auckland Central, NZ
P 09 300 6226