Peacefully Aleenta

With Pranburi becoming a good alternative for “peace seekers” away from the more bustling Hua Hin, it’s only right that we visited one of the earliest resorts that deserved to be called “boutique” on the Pranburi beach.

Aleenta Resorts & Spa is a collection of small, luxurious suites, and villas on this peaceful beach and it is now under the Small Luxury Hotel of the World group.

While the main resort, Aleenta Wing, consists of white washed villas, with thatched roofs with several private pools, the Frangipani Wing has been recently converted from the residence of the owner’s family, into 5 stunning beachfront suites, each with direct access to the infinity pool overlooking Pak Nampran Bay.

The decor in each suites are simple, with wood and bamboo being used widely in all the furnitures. Moreover, Aleenta also do their part in conservation, by installing sensor to the slide door that will suspend the air conditioner if the door is opened for longer than 5 minutes.

What we love most about our stay would be the easy access to the infinity pool. While it’s not a private pool, each suite, being partitioned from one another, still allowed certain privacy in their section of the pool right in front of its room. So you can just dip in, and enjoy yourself, peacefully. One concern that we have would be the fact that Aleenta allows children in their Frandipani Wing. Thus, you might prefer the main Aleenta Wing if you want to be free from all the cheers, laughter and cries of the children.

Breakfast at Aleenta is well-served at the main wing, where you can choose either an A La Carte or buffet. With the restaurant situated on the 2nd floor, you will enjoy the view of the ocean while having your breakfast too.

So if you’re looking for a unique and truly boutique experience in Pranburi, I recommend Aleenta as an alternative for your next visit. Whether you’re newly weds or family, Aleenta can surely accommodate your needs and make your stay a pleasant, relaxing one.

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