Mini Surprise at Mon Jam

As the holidays were approaching, I decided to take a rare “holiday” trip up north to out home in Chiang Mai with my family in our Space Wagon. What used to be a 7-hour journey, extended to 10 hours in the holiday traffic in Thailand. The tricky part of this trip was that it’d be the first time that we traveled with our baby boy, little Matt.


We arrived in Chiang Mai, one of the most popular destinations in northern Thailand just before the holiday traffic expecting the weather to be nice and cold as had happened over the previous years.

However, all that was not meant to be as it had been one of the warmer winter we would have in years.

While it was a short 3-day trip, we did have a great time as a family.

We drove up to Mon Jam, which translated into a “cool hill” from the local language on our second morning. As we were expecting a huge crowd, we left rather early and got a really good parking spot at the foot of the hill.


Initially, my mom and sisters refused to walk the slopes, but my wife and I pressed on as we thought that it might be worthwhile and that we’ve already arrived. Carrying my EOS 50D and grip, with the 24-105mm F4L IS USM in one hand, it was quite a climb. However, as the slope gets steeper, I decided to trade that for Matt, as my wife was getting tired. So we reached the top of the hill with me sweating, taking off my jacket.

Nice breeze and beautiful blue sky once we got there kind of took all those tiredness away. While there used to be spots for tourists to tent out during the previous years, those areas had been reduced and some had been turned into gardens, and wooden houses of cafes and a small canteen.

2012-12-30 09.06.25

Walking around the area, I managed to get some nice shots of Mon Jam, as well as the surroundings. While the view was nice, do not expect to be overwhelmed by its beauty for too long as the place will be flocked by tourists in no time.


A nice experience nonetheless. If you have time in Chiang Mai and look for a nice little place to go to, especially during winter, check out Mon Jam (ม่อนแจ่ม)

As always, the most worthwhile part of the trip is the journey to our destinations.