A Glimpse of Phuket

Having been to the island numerous times before, this would actually be my first visit to spend more than 24 hours in Phuket where you could find beautiful beaches, fresh seafood, local delicacies and unique architectures among others.

Apart from uniquely boutique Foto Hotel situated around Kata beach as in my previous post, we visited one of the freshest seafood raft in town called Pae Kru Vit. To actually get there, you’ll have to take a 5-minute boat ride from the pier to the raft itself. Something of an experience.


One of the highlights would be the huge tiger prawns that you can have cooked whichever way you want. Trying one of these would be enough for your meal. They are really big.


You may also want to try the fresh oysters, and snappers on offered.


From the raft, we headed back to town and to Talang, one of the more “hip” streets in Phuket, where you can find the restalled Shino-Portugese shophouses. On any given Sunday, parts of the road will be turned into a walking street with food and drink stalls, as well as other vendors selling things from clothes to local hand-made souvenirs.


Speaking of local delicacies, there are an abundance of them in Phuket ranging from the Kanom-jeen to the likes of Hokkien-noodles. For the latter, while the name is similar to those you could find in Singapore, they look and taste quite differently. One of the best Hokkien-noodles joint you can find in Phuket would be Mee Ton Poh, which is located on the Surin Roundabout.


Or if prefer something more international, I would recommend Ristorante Roma da Mauro, which offers authentic pizzas, as well as steak and nice wine to go with your dinner. It is located on the 2nd floor of Banana Walk, a small community mall on Patong Beach.


Obviously, coming to Phuket would not be complete without a walk on the beach (at least). Kata is one of the more serene beaches in Phuket, beautiful and clean. I could spend the whole day there.


So that was a little glimpse of Phuket. I do look forward to seeing more of this beautiful island city in the near future.