Foto Hotel, Phuket

While I had come to the City of Sail many times during the last few years, I have never really spent times on the island of Phuket, to actually feel being in town. 2013 would be my first trip to spend more than 24 hours in Phuket with my family, thanks to an exclusive deal at Foto Hotel.


It took another 50 minutes to an hour from the Phuket International Airport before we arrived at the hotel on a steep hill located in Kata, one of the more beautiful beaches on the island.

Rooms at the hotel are built on the steep hill and, currently we could either take the buggy (golf cart) or the stairs.


While we could see more of the hotel during the day, it actually comes alive at night. This is due to the clever and artistic use of different lighting techniques, making Foto Hotel indeed very photogenic.


The rooftop swimming pool and open-air lounge make for good hangouts too.


Even the jacuzzi on our balcony has received nice lighting treatment. We were impressed.


However, there is a little letdown as the breakfast choices at Foto Hotel are quite limited with only 3 main courses that you can choose from, and a few selections of coffee or tea, and some pastry and salads.


We did enjoyed our 2 nights stay at Foto Hotel and would recommend anyone who are looking for a unique, and indeed photogenic place to stay in Phuket. The staffs are ever-friendly and helpful though can improve more. The hotel has recently installed a sloped-elevator that would make getting from the rooms to the lobby less tiring.