Jim Thompson Farm

Established in 1988 to ensure a steady and reliable supply of raw materials for its silk production, the Thai Silk Company invested in a project near Pak Thong Chai in Nakhon Ratchasima province that covers over 600 rai of land that came to be known as the Jim Thompson Farm. And it was not until 2001 that the farm first opened to the public during the peak of the cooler months, usually between December to January and has become one of the most popular agro-tourist destinations. Traveling from Bangkok, it is a 500 km round trip, or around a 6-7 hours drive altogether. I could not say that this is a short one-day trip, though we have made it, while stopping at Farm Chokchai for dinner on our way back.


The farm is divided into 5 zones where you could either take a stroll or take advantage of the shuttle services available. After we have got our tickets, we were greeted by one of the most amazing flowers fields where the Cosmos have been planted in millions. The different shades of pink, white and yellow were amazing.


Our first stop though was some 5 minute away on one of the buses. The colorful flower fields, with giant man-made pumpkin, are very picturesque. We actually spent quite a while walking the fields and taking pictures of the place and ourselves and our son seems to love it.


Walking to the Isan Village, the farm demonstrates the cultures and livelihood of the people there. In addition to the padi fields and wooden toys, the farm also showcasing the importance of silk in this part of the country.


The farm also showcasing candle craving, which is a part of the annual candle festivals in Isan.


In addition, the farm also provides more in-depth knowledge of silkworm cultivation, as well as silk production in one of the zones. Or if you want to do some shopping, the Jim Thompson Farm also has those in the last zones where you can get your hands on the silk-screen printing, or buy one of their merchandises and souvenirs, while also being able to buy those pesticide-free vegetables, or their renowned silk products.


If you are looking for something different for your weekends, I feel that the Jim Thompson Farm can be one of those destinations. It definitely is not a short journey to make from Bangkok, but along the way, you can also find nice places to stop by, or you could choose the farm as one of your stopover before heading northeast. The farm provides reasonably priced food, vegetables and merchandises while definitely picturesque. A nice afternoon stroll.