Traveling Photographer

Are you one of those photographers, who like me, tried to find the best solutions to packing the perfect gear for your trip?

The answer might be even harder if you have a lot to choose from. I used to be a Canon DSLR users for many years even when those smaller mirrorless cameras were hitting the shelves. Initially I didn’t believe that I could get similar image quality and performance that I need from those smaller cameras. So I packed my trusty EOS 50D along with my EF lenses that include the 50mm F1.4, 24-105mm F4 L IS, 17-40mm F4 L into my Lowepro Slingshot for my first trip to Japan. Oh and I did not forget to take along that tripod too. Yah, the result is an overloaded camera gear which I rarely use. The weight of those gear made the trip and trekking less enjoyable. Though it was still good joke to talk about it.


Now, with a baby boy, it is even more essential for me to look for a soliton to this.

I recently invested into the Fujifilm X-E1, along with the kit Fujinon 18-55mm and a 35mm prime. The combinations have been impressive. Aside from the exceptional image quality, I think that the white balance is every accurate. I am considering to add 2 more lenses to the system such as the 55-200mm and another prime.

With 2 lenses, I took the X-E1 for a layover trip in Narita and it seems adequate with the 18-55mm giving me some good wide angle while 35mm is nice for low light situation. The results had been impressive with the light kit giving me more versatility and the chance to enjoy Narita more.


I came to seriously considering this factor during my latest trip to Singapore as I only bring with me the 35mm attached to the camera. Surprisingly enough, I was enjoying my photography more as I did not have to worry about changing the lenses along the way. So I shoot according to what I have.


Definitely this might be my next traveling kit to Japan in 2014. In addition to lighter gear, it would be more room to carry other items especially when traveling with a child.

So I guess it really depends on what kind of photographers you are and what gear you have. Sometimes carrying less may mean seeing, and capturing more. For me, my traveling gear is almost definite. Now I am looking for a versatile bag to accommodate the camera with 2 lenses, as well as other essential stuffs during my travel. After all, it is about our journey and we should be enjoying it.