Sunflowers Fields

During the cooler months between December to January of each year, three central provinces become more popular destinations than they usually are, in addition to the northern provinces with much cooler climate in Thailand. These are Lopburi, Saraburi and Supanburi. What they have in commons, amid their name ending with “buri”, are the thousands of sunflower fields across these provinces. This winter we set off to one of the more picturesque sunflower fields in Lopburi around Jeen-lae Mountain (search “Weruwan Temple” to find it on the map). After a two-hour drive from Bangkok, we finally arrived and it was easy to find following Google Maps.


Usually there would be minimal fees to view, and photograph with these amazing sunflowers, which we learned are used for producing healthy cooking oil among other uses. Some sunflowers might grow bigger than your head, and it is a matter of finding them. What makes the field we visit unique is having the recognizable mountain as backdrops.


While you could visit the Pa Sak Reservoir, which is around 40km away, where you could find some nice local restaurants, we decided to have our lunch at the nearby reservoir before heading back to Bangkok as we arrived rather than late in the afternoon.

I would say that this is a unique experience for us and these sunflower fields look beautiful. So if you still have no plans for the weekends before January ends, you can put this as your next destination.