Blue Sky Resort, Khao Kho

It was one of the newest resorts in Khao Kho, Petchaboon and one of the most difficult to book due to limited availability. However, with our planned 3 days and 2 nights, we decided to spend the first night at the Blue Sky Resort and were fortunate to get 4 deluxe rooms for our group.


The mountainous Khao Kho is situated in Petchaboon province, some 450 km north of Bangkok, with the province still retaining its serene natural beauty even when the numbers of tourists increase every year. Moreover, with the unusually cold winter since November 2013 and well into 2014, Khao Kho has seen an even larger number of visitors who were looking to experience the cold weather, and witnessing one of the most spectacular sea of fogs among the mountains or even in nearby Phu Tub Berk.

We checked into the Blue Sky Resort late in the afternoon after making several stops along the way, given that we were traveling in a large group. In fact, it was our first family trip with all of us in a long long while, and we could only do it with 2 vans, and during the Chinese New Year.


The first thing that greeted us was the fountain in the middle of the garden with the mountain ranges as backdrops. The view resembles those you would have seen in Tuscany or as many Thais refer to Khao Kho as the Switzerland of Thailand.

Evolving around the English country theme, Blue Sky Resort looks really at home in these mountains.


To the left of the garden is the diner, while the three main buildings accommodate all 28 rooms and are located to the right. The overall landscape of the resort has been designed so as to encourage you to take photographs, and we feel that those shutterbugs will definitely love it.

The English country styled deluxe room has all the necessary amenities, including free wireless internet as standards, and you could also enjoy the views from your balcony too.


For the breakfast and dinner, you could choose whether to keep yourselves warm inside, or enjoy the cool breeze and sunset on the balcony. It is advised to book your seats once you arrived as the place can be booked up during the peak season.


While the diner serves good western dishes, we feel that the general Thai dishes, as well as breakfast selections left something to be desired. Nonetheless, our overall impression has been good, especially with the ever friendly and helpful staffs.

To put it simply, we really like Blue Sky Resort, with its beautiful architecture and landscape, so much that we have already planned our next visit to Khao Kho.

As for Blue Sky Resort, there are 2 other properties under the same name in Koh Payam and Rayong. So you may want to check them out if you are planning a trip closer to sea.