The Turtle Hut

While many luxurious resorts sprung up among the mountain recently, simplicity and self-sufficiency set the theme for The Turtle Hut in Khao Kho. With a handful of different villas, the resort is quiet and peaceful, offering some real relaxation needed away from the city.


In addition to the “organic villas”, which use many natural materials, there is a small organic farm that grow vegetables for the resort’s own use, along with a few sheep and chickens, which proved to be children’s favorites.

While The Turtle Hut offers almost exclusively villas, an area by the man made pool in the center of the resort has been allocated for campers during high season given that you could actually see the sea of fog right in the resort.


Surprisingly, the resort also offers a seminar room, a gym, and a small pool to cater to different needs. And while the resort does recommend its own Tao Cafe, the food on offer is nothing to write home about, breakfast included.


The Turtle Hut is a resort that is built to coexist with nature and its surroundings that in fact, it feels like the resort is a part of the are all along. If you are looking for a simple place to stay, while still expecting friendly and helpful services, you may want to consider The Turtle Hut in Khao Kho during your next visit.