Amari Hua Hin

Amari Hua Hin has became one of our favorite family hotels in this beach town due to a couple of things, from the facilities to the location. Taking into consideration our little boy, we feel that the hotel need to has the facilities not just for us, but for him to enjoy as well. After going through reviews, and websites, we gave Amari Hua Hin a try and it definitely meets our expectation.


One of the main highlights would be the large swimming pool in the center. While he can enjoy himself in the water, we can keep a watchful eye on the sunbed, reading or sipping our drinks. Amari Hua Hin offers two pools, one for adults, which has slopes for ease of entry to the pool, and a children’s pool nearby.If he is tired from the sun and swim, he can also enjoy himself in the kid’s club where he could find games, balls, books, videos among other. He may even make a few new friends there too.


The Coral Deli and Wine Lounge next to the pool also offers some good selection of both main course and wine if you decide to just chill out and dine at the hotel. In fact, we love the decor of the place.


The main dining hall, Mosaic, is where breakfast is served daily. We found the selection rather impressive with different types of eggs, and bacons on offer along with choices of juices, pastries, salads among others.


Not far from the hotel, there is Wilaiwan, one of the chic restaurant and cafes that sprung up all over Hua Hin these days. Wilaiwan offers a both main courses, as well as cakes and coffee at acceptable prices, and good taste. So definitely something for everyone in the family.


Right across the road is the Cicada Weekend Market, which opens Friday to Sunday, with stalls selling souvenirs or other handmade products, to food and even live performances by local actors and actresses. In addition, there would be a few live bands performing in the market.


Please note that if you are driving, both Wilaiwan and the Cicada Market offers limited parking spaces, so arriving early might be a good idea.