Crabs in Osaka

If you have been to Osaka, or Shinsaibashi in particular, you probably would have noticed one of the shops with a giant crab on its storefront. Kani Doraku Honten is the name of this place. Every night, there would be long queues of people lining up for tables at the restaurants. Some might just queue to taste some of their fresh catch, as well as the tasty dumplings with crab meat topping on the go.


Our recent trip to Japan took us to Shinsaibashi as one of the most popular shopping destinations in Osaka. However, my intention was to try some of the delicacies on offer at Kani Doraku Honten. Braving through the crowds, as well as enduring cold winds, we had to wait an hour and a half before we were able to get our table. Nonetheless, that did not deter us. Once we got our table, we were made to wait for all of us were ready to go into the restaurant together before being allowed in. Though we found it a bit odd, we thought this might be a way to show some courtesy to other patrons who have all members of their parties ready before us.

To make up for the 90 minutes wait, we ordered a variety of different crab dishes, from grilled to fried, to tempura, and even hot plate where they let us barbeque those crab meats.


One of our favourite dishes for the night was actually the crab meat with rice. The used of prickles along with sliced omelette mix well with the whole crab meat.


So if you are looking to spend your evening shopping at Shinsaibashi, or Dotonburi, remember to give this place a try. You will be amazed.