Overlooking Fujisan

The train finally pulled to a stop after a total of around two hours from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Kawaguchiko Station, where we would be enjoying the magnificent Mount Fuji with Lake Kawaguchiko providing the foreground.  In addition to visiting the oldest of the five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji, we intended to walk up over 400 steps up the mountain to Chureito Pagoda for another incredible view of the iconic mountain. As I had experienced before, I would take my chances to get to see the summit of Mount Fuji as the weather at the top is rather unpredictable at best. Thus, as we were approaching the pagoda, with the sun shining through the clouds, I believed that this would be another memorable day. And indeed, what a beautiful sight!


After arriving back at the Kawaguchiko Station, we arranged our ride to Kozantei Ubuya, one of the luxury ryokans situated right in front of Lake Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji.


Upon our arrival there were welcome drinks, which was in fact authentic green tea, while I was completing the formalities.


We were led to our suite by a very courteous staff, who would also introduced us to all the amenities in the suite, and even made us green tea. The suite consist of one western-style living area with sofa, and two Japanese-style living areas with low table, which could be converted into our sleeping area with futons.


Included with our reservation are two meals, dinner and breakfast, for each of us. The eight-course dinner served some delicacies from the Yamanashi Province.


Meanwhile, we were able to choose between western or Japanese breakfast the next morning.


One of the most important things that you would not want to miss while staying at the ryokan, was to try the onsen. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed in these areas. But it was definitely a unique experience.


Kozantei Ubuya also offers a library, several central living areas and exclusive diners, as well as a souvenir shop where you could find tasty jelly that we were presented in our suite. Obviously, we bought some back.


Overall, we were delighted with our stay at Kozantei Ubuya. While you may be able to find other cheaper ryokans with similar views of Mount Fuji around Lake Kawaguchiko, it was the experience of the helpful, and ever courteous staffs, not to mention the extraordinary delicacies that we hope to come back again.