Tasty Tonkatsu in Narita

Apart from last-minute shopping available at the Aeon Mall, and nearby outlets in Narita-shi, we have found one of the best tonkatsu restaurant too. Tonkatsu Sakai Seiniku serves some of the best tonkatsu at a a pocket-friendly price too. Over the years, I have tried many tonkatsu dishes both in Thailand and Japan, however, I frankly believe that Tonkatsu Sakai Seiniku got it right. They offer both tenderloin and loin pork cutlet, and a tasty sauce to go with your dishes. 


While some tonkatsu restaurants may offer sauces that are either too sweet or salty, Tonkatsu Sakai Seiniku offers something in between, and when you dip your pork cutlet into it, or mustard as some of you may prefer, it tastes very good. It tastes even better with a hot bowl of Japanese rice too.


The restaurant also offers some sidedishes to go along with your main cource, while some are only available seasonally.


So, if you are looking for a simple meal during your shopping in Aeon Mall, we recommend Tonkatsu Sakai Seiniku.