Udon in Kyoto

Kimgasa Zen is the udon restaurant that I found by chance after our first visit to the golden shrine, Kinkakuji Temple, in Kyoto a couple of years ago. While the place is small, the staffs are friendly and helpful, especially to foreigners who do not speak or read Japanese as they provide English menu. While udon is definitely their main specialty, they also serve rice with tempuras.

One of the highlights would be udon served with tempura as sidedish. Udon are offered as hot or cold, upon your request, and are served with tempuras made of shrimp, fish or various vegetables.


Alternatively, you can order hot udon with tempuras and fresh egg on top.


While we did enjoy our udon, as well as rice dishes, one of the highlights would be the homemade pudding. In fact, it was so delicious that it was gone before I could snap a photo of it.

The place is easy to find too. After your visit to Kinkakuji, walk down towards the main road, cross the road and walk to the right about 100 meters and you will find it.