A day in Paris

There are so much to do in Paris that I regret not staying a little longer after my business trip. Braving through heavy traffic from the CDG, and very expensive taxi fare, I was pleasantly surprised that our apartment was right in the heart of Champs Elysees. We wasted little to drop off our luggages and headed out to the streets just before the sunset.

We took the late afternoon stroll along the Champs Elysees, towards Arc de Triomphe, enjoying the cool September breeze along the way. Tourists were everywhere trying to get their shots of this iconic architecture, and our group was one of the crowds.


As we arrived in Paris rather late, our first day in the city was dedicated to the Champs Elysees, the shops and the architectures around this world famous strip as we prepared for the following day full of activities.

First up was the Eiffel Tower. We took the metro and got off at Trocadero and while we were walking to the exit, we were greeted with some Parisian music.


Once we exited the station, we could feel the excitement of tourists around us. And after turning on the street, there it is. The Eiffel Tower stood right before us in this panoramic view.


As we walked closer to the tower, there were gypsies everywhere trying to sell stuffs to us, from the miniature Eiffel to other things Paris. I would not recommend you to buy stuffs from them, rather if you have to, shop at the many souvenir shops available instead.

Initially we were looking to spend a couple of hours in Louvre after touring the Eiffel Tower, however due to the sheer size of the museum, we ended spending most of our afternoon there. Nonetheless, it has been an amazing experience.


Due to our pre-arranged dinner with our business partners, it got quite late when we were heading back to our apartment. However, one of my colleagues and I decided to stop at Trocadero one last time for the evening view of the Eiffel Tower. And we were glad we did. We arrived just a little before the beautiful light displays on the Eiffel Tower at the stroke of midnight. It was really beautiful and I understood instantly when people say Paris is a romantic city.


I wish I could stay a bit longer though I believe I will have the chance the following year. This is just a glimpse of Paris, a city that I would explore more in the future.