Streets of Berlin

With half a day to walk around Berlin before the real work begun the following day, we decided to visit some of the more popular destinations in the German capital. After unpacked and got comfortable in our Ku’Dam apartment, we decided to take the train to Alexanderplatz to begin our walking route towards Brandenburg Gate. Nonetheless, having arrived in Berlin, we tried one of the local cafes for breakfast, German style.


Our first destination was the a group of attractions on Museum Island where you could find the magnificent Berlin Dome and Altes Museum with the Lustgarten in the middle providing the space for visitors to enjoy the weather and view. The Berlin Dome, or Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church. The Berlin Dome is the largest church in the city and it serves as a vital center for the Protestant church of Germany.


Facing the Berlin Dome, you could find the Altes Museum to the left.


Unfortunately, when we arrived at the Brandenburg Gate, there was barricade preventing me from getting a good wide shot due to an event being organised for the following day.


Just a short walk to the left from the Gate, we arrived at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial, a unique “attraction”.


We wrapped up the day heading back to Ku’dam, a famous shopping street in Berlin, where we could not resist stopping by the Apple store.


A short walk further and we arrived at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a historic church badly damaged during the 1941 bombing.


Those are only just a glimpse of Berlin. Given such short time, and the purpose of the trip was more business than leisure, I still found that Berlin is a very interesting place to explore. Until next time.